Thursday, April 1, 2010

where to start...

ok. so.

As the elder of this rag tag bunch, I feel like I should say something philosophical or even wax poetic about challenges, clarity that comes with age, or even the changes I see in the sport. Well, I'm not going to do that. not my style. I'm more of the fart jokes guy of the bunch. The jackass sprinter (or at least once was a sprinter). I'm here to laugh, suffer, burn off the useless calories, and document as much as possible to show that bike racers aren't either uptight people with too much disposable income, or Eurotrash coffee shop poseurs. The missus says it best, I'm different when I'm riding, and even more when riding with friends. Guess that about covers it. Oh, and the cruel irony that Cris rode with Roger on the flats, and I on the climb from hell...


  1. HA will, however see that "the flats" aren't quite so "flat". funny though. :)

  2. The difference between the 2 days were that with Pat, you knew you were going up and knew it was supposed to hurt. Yesterday with Cris and Greg, it hurt and you did not know why. The winds were relentless, and you found yourself climbing yet you did not know you were even on a climb.