Monday, April 5, 2010

Hello! I'm Here. Are You?

This was a great weekend. All this celebration of rising from the dead. All this talk of hope mixed in with all the candy coated lures of what is great. Rabbits whizzing by and off into the distance and you're left there, alone or with a small group chasing the colorful eggs...eggs of red and black, yellow and black, orange and green and white and blue, green and black and some random mixed in colors...yes, Easter, as far as this blog goes, has just symbolically turned into a bike race and said colors are team colors.

You can add Arrivee Cycling Club to the short list of things who arose from the dead this weekend.

None of us four guys expected to do any sort of official "winning" in the road races that we planned to drag our old asses through but we did do exactly what came naturally and I for one am proud of where we came from and where we are spinning along toward.

Ya see, although there have been many seriously commendable accomplishments among this group we've always carried on the gifts that our goofy ass predecessors handed down to us. This has never been the Tour De France. This has never been so serious as to not be able to befriend fellow riders dawning different color shells. There has never been so serious a race that we've left ourselves coiled up in an anonymous corner of the pack watching and waiting for something to happen. You can't possibly file the personality off of us. Even when our race fitness is FAR from where it used to be and FAR from where it will be soon, we cannot sit in and lurk.

During the 25 mile Easter egg hunt that was the Frozen Flatland's second road race, each one of us superimposed our own unique stamp. For Mark and I we knew our time was limited 'in the pack' as we are "a little" :) behind in fitness. I can't help but smile ear to ear when I see Mark move straight to the front and then off the front like it's his race knowing full well that he's also pretty much twisting every little over serious racer's brain..yeah sure he was reeled in but he said what maybe 90% of yesterdays racers never said, "Hello, I'm here. Are you?"

The Welton Brothers pose with 3/4ths of the Arrivee Posse.

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