Tuesday, May 7, 2013

The More Things Change.....

...two weddings, three new babies, a few injuries and medical issues later...We are back.

Today I had a rough day. Wrestling with the starter on the '78 VW bus, chunks of skin off my knuckles and bald head...Wrestling with budgeting time... But, like Mondays in the fall have MNF, Tuesdays in Spring/Summer have The Twilight Series. My best workout of the week because riding on the windy North Idaho Prairies alone, is, boring. I'm on a time budget...it takes almost an hour to ride to Hayden Lake...Newman Lake...anywhere the better riding is...

Thank You Baddlands for keeping the Twilight flame alive! It helps me stay in shape the best way I know how,...competition.

The difference in the local peloton from 2010 until now is amazing. So many more racers! ..and the "B" pack is really huge...40-ish every week! Excellent! New teams, new faces, old teams, new kits, old guys, young guys, fast women... ;) Always good competition.

I also want to thank Baddlands for adopting a new rule for category placement. Because of this I was allowed to return to the "B" Pack from the "A" Pack. (Driving two hours RT and paying $15 to get dropped in the first 5 miles of any race other than SRP made my weekly workouts no fun, and eventually, I stopped coming...now, it's right, and fun again.

When you work for something there should be a feeling of pride. These are "Training races". I believe that they are designed to make the local peloton faster and us local amateur racers show better in the bigger weekend races both locally and regional...but most of all it's about health and fitness yeah? ...no pain no gain?

Well, What I saw in tonight's race was perfection. Let's say there were 30 in our pack?... I saw one guy in particular, chase down or take part in chasing down EVERY move, repeatedly detonate his heart and lungs, only to beat the other "series points leaders" in the final sprint after they magically appeared from their little safe spot somewhere in the back 3rd of the pack in the fins lap. I saw the one woman in the race attack at least 3 times and hold it..(sorry, Jess, it was mostly me who reeled you guys in on that first lap.)..but you rocked today.

For some reason the start confused a few folks, me included as I was a good 200 yards back when the pack started...caught them, wondered, asked "is this the B pack?" The answer was yes....then, where are most of the River City Red guys?? Well, they missed the start much worse than I...and even though I didn't see it, I must take my hat off to them for their TTT effort which brought them up to the pack eventually....Way to get an unexpected work out. I am POSITIVE this training race turned out for the better for all of you.(if any of you guys are reading, please allow me to suggest something? I have noticed a habit that runs through your ranks and that is to veer off of a pull at the front fast and wide...you do see the pros do it especially in cat and mouse tactics, and it's "cool" but personally, i think it's a bit risky in a pack of 4/5 racers? please consider smoothing out your line for safety reasons..I like to see new teams and I know you're all good fellows...just a request to take or leave)

I saw one of the "series points leaders" the only time I let myself drift to the back of the pack...I couldn't believe that he was barking out orders to the 25 guys in front of him and told him that maybe he should command his pack from a little farther up...I don't imagine that I influenced his immediate and brief visit to the front...but he DID go do SOMETHING for a few minutes. ;)

I saw Joe from VE make a few bold moves like he ALWAYS does....a guy named Bob from Baddlands threatened to hold off a couple attacks..one with Royce of SRV...Steve Garvin of Baddlands was right up there pulling and working(I wonder where these guys are in the "series points totals"?)

I saw the former Forza flag flying, Shaun from Bike Hub riding strong...

Forgive me as I don't know everyone, but I did see a consistent small group of racers at least up there near the front a lot...you know who you are and good job. Everyone stayed upright. A few close calls...but nobody is trying to cause a crash...

I had a rough day and I was a bit wound up...so, I did WAY more work than I ever thought I could. I almost single handedly reeled in several breaks...and I actually felt really good...even though my average HR was 190...Ya see, this is where I try to get better...faster...and I need to.

Everyone had their own view of this particular race...some had good days, some might have been feeling under the weather, some maybe intimidated, and some just learning the ropes..these are cat 4/5 races and old guys like me, 42, and older...I want to let everyone have their race, their "work out"

...but I tell you what, there was no one who deserved that win more than Two Wheeler Dealer's Jeff Yates...

If you want to be a guy that sits in the back of a training race until the last lap and then pounces in for the sprint and 2nd or 3rd place then be that guy...the girl in the race ain't gonna be that guy,..some people like to work hard because it brings a sense of pride...

I think I got about 15th place tonight...then again, there is a silent point system and those who are leading the silent point system category know who you are and so does everyone else. I'm proud of EVERYONE for showing up, however, and hopefully there will be more contribution from some who want to be a part of the whole race and not just the last lap or final 200m...this is the Twilight Series, really, it's not whether you win or lose, it's how you play the game. ...if you can play the game well AND win? Now you're talking,...Mr Yates.

If you've read this far then, DAMN, amazing, thank you for the effort...I am long winded at times.

I look forward to racing with and meeting more of you...

Thanks for the work out!

if you're interested in what it looks like when I race my little white ass off at the front of the pack...

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