Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Staring Down The Barrel Of Your Own Gun

Tuesday night again and a successful workout was had on a bike at Spokane County Raceway thanks to The Baddlands Cyling Club and all who took part.

After last week it seemed like a handful of folks may have happened upon my fired up blog post "The More Things Change..." because tonight's race sure seemed faster and strung out a lot.

...of course that could have had a little to do with my kamikaze turbo click in and first lap hammer fest which turned into the River City Red's second lap mega pull and with a laps worth of "recovery" there was the team point sprint which I went for like I was on the Champs Elysees...only to get beat a few bike lengths before the line by a few other guys and then pretty much spend the rest of the race hanging onto the tail end of the pack... Sheesh...

Props to all who raced and raced hard...Teammate Pat pulled out a great sprint finish for 3rd after a valiant yet failed Starbucks prime lap flyer...good to see the old boy flying the flag at the finish... Strong showing by River City Red AND Vertical Earth...lots of red out there...Royce on SRV took a threatening flyer but today was a bit fast for anyone to get away on that course

Steve Garvin of Baddlands miraculous recovery and save from an unfortunate mishap on the final lap that left a few fellows with some road rash, a flat, and a broken derailleur..

I got caught up just outside of the fracas and pedaled the last half lap alone and across the line...

...what a difference a week makes! Things are changing in our B pack and the races will get better...Some fellows are bumping up to A Pack where I think they can race well if they get a little aggressive...meanwhile, the workouts continue...I'm wiped...thanks everyone...and thanks for reading...Williams Lake Wall next week huh? fun. fun? fun.. ;)

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