Tuesday, February 1, 2011

The Happs

It's been a long time since our last post. Thought I would give you an update on some happs.

Training has been coming along quite well for most of us. The weather here in Spokane has been eventful. We started out with snow, snow, and more snow. People must have purchased all the snowblowers in the area, because soon after, the snow stopped and we have not received much more. We have actually been getting quite a bit of rain. Now, it's just cold...cold and clear. I can't complain much because it has lent itself to some riding outdoors...for some people. I have not ridden outside in some time. Maybe as long ago as the first week in November. At bout that time, I blew out my soleus/gastroc running. Ya, I can hear you all now, "Why were you running?" I ask myself that question ever time I put on my running shoes. But somehow, I am still able to get out the door and run. With that injury, I took 3 weeks off of everything. Then, after the 3 week break, I went for a little run and the same thing happened. CRAP! But fortunately I came upon a secret device that solves most of my over use muscle problems. That is the Compex Muscle Stimulator.
I threw that bad boy on for a treatment and I was so much better. I have used it quite a bit since then and truly believe there are some pretty slick devices for recovery. As I am going to be 40 this year, I have to have more than asprin in my back pocket. I am a HUGE recovery freak and this is just another tool in the box. One supplement I think is amazing, while on the topic, is Recover Ease.
It's a pill, hence, simple. I have been using this since 2005 and totally believe in it. No such thing as over training...just under recovering. Recover Ease helps with that.

What else you ask? Well, Contador is a druggie, and we will hopefully find out about Lance here soon to. But since Lance is moving to be a triathlete, it probably will not matter too much. If you have thoughts or opinions on this, make sure to tune into packfiller.com podcast on Thursdays and air your gripes and Pat and Mark will give their views as well.

Ride on,

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