Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Sun, snow, wind, rain, and a hill

Today Pat and I decided, at the last minute I might add, to hook up and go for a ride. We invited Cris, but he said today was not his day. So, we ventured on.

Pat showed up and I suggested we ride up Mt. Spokane. It seemed like a good idea since it was a pretty nice day so far. A tad windy, but overall decent. We headed out and eventually started the gradual climb. We were chatting all the way up until we hit Kirk's Lodge which is where the "real" climbing begins. Sad part is, is that I was already in my smallest gear. Not good. We pressed on and started the steeper grades. I moved on and Pat to a more comfortable pace. One that would actually see him riding home afterward.

Though you cannot understand what I am saying because of uploading problems, I am basically saying that this is my Spring Break. Kind of like Daytona Beach. We have the "white sands" too...well, more snow I guess.

As I continued to climb...in the saddle, out of the saddle, weaving back and forth... the weather was changing all the way up. Sunny, snowing, windy...everything. As I was getting closer to the lodge, snow began to appear on the sand covered road. Oh well, keep going. When you are going slow up hill, the snow and dirt/gravel never seem to bother me. But when I start heading down it always does. I got to the top, was passed by a snowplow, and waited for Pat. While waiting, I created a video message to Cris. This is what I had to say:

Though you cannot understand what I am saying, you get the idea.

We then made the very cold descent and headed out to the prairie where we saw fierce winds that found us in survival mode. Keep pedalin,' keep pedalin.'

We both made it back home safely. But I noticed that once we returned, the sun came out, and the wind died down. Thank you Mother Nature for giving us what we needed.

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